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Wow!! What an awesome experience I had at Valley View Whitetails of Ohio! After 2 days of hunting I was able to harvest an impressive monster buck that scored well over 200 inches. I can’t wait to show my friends the video of all the world class whitetails that I saw.

James Hughs Sr.

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Valley View Whitetails offers the best whitetail

deer hunting across the country. We are a private hunting preserve with locations in Ohio and Florida to suit your needs. Whether you are relaxing at our lodge or sitting in a stand, the atmosphere is breathtaking. We offer 5 star accommodations for every customer that joins us to hunt. You can choose to book your own travel or we can pick up your party by private plane through Valley View Aviation.

Our private herd of World Class Whitetails thrive on our property and will offer you the hunt of a lifetime. The majority of our bucks reach maximum antler growth and body size around 5 years old and will score well over 200". Photographers come from around the country to our properties because of our quality of deer and beautiful terrain. You can find many of our bucks in national publications as well as hunting programs including Wild Game Innovations, Outdoor Adventures with Keith Warren and the Outdoor Channel Outfitters.

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